Katherine Lenius

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Katherine Lenius,  illustrator and surface pattern designer

Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm an illustrator and surface pattern designer who lives outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband and three children. I grew up drawing on any surface I could find, including the walls. After pursuing other paths I returned to my love of art and now I create patterns and illustrations for a number of products including stationery, wall art, fabric, and home decor. I love bringing joyful art into everyday life. 

My work usually begins as a pencil sketch, sometimes incorporating ink, watercolor or hand lettering, and the final piece is finished digitally. I'm inspired by everyday objects, children's picture books, nature, and my garden.

Fun Facts:
• I was given a long name at birth because my Dad thought I'd be the first female president, an ambition I'm happily leaving by the wayside, but my name still doesn't fit on my driver's license.
• Singing is one of my other main passions and in another universe I'd be belting a ballad on Broadway or singing in a jazz club. Mostly I sing at weddings and funerals.
• I've been allergic to peanuts my entire life, long before it became something people paid any attention to. Halloween was often disappointing.