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Betsy Siber,  illustrator and surface pattern designer

I’m Betsy, a creative, hard-working lady who calls the beautiful Chicago, Illinois home. I live in the Wicker Park neighborhood in a 120-year-old coachhouse with my artist husband Matt and our two adorable and energetic daughters, ages 6 and 3.

Being an artist was always my goal, but I could never decide on a discipline. I started out painting, drawing and collaging, then decided to study photography in college in 2002. I have been working in the photography, jewelry and wedding stationery fields since then.

Becoming a parent opened my eyes to the amazing markets of modern children’s books, children’s clothing and children’s products. I had so many “Wow, I could draw that!” moments, that eventually I couldn’t ignore them anymore. Now I find inspiration in vintage cookbooks, midcentury design, modern quilts and generally anything my girls are delighted by. My favorite mediums are brush+ink and watercolor, although I’m equally smitten with vectorized illustrator graphics scanned from a micron doodle.

My ideal projects would be for children’s products and books, but I also have a soft spot for more sophisticated surface designs and maps. I absolutely thrive under pressure and am dynamite with deadlines.

Fun Facts:
• Before branching into illustration, I ran a small business for 12 years making jewelry from vintage postage stamps, selling at the Renagade Craft Fair, Urban Outfitters and Uncommon Goods. Some of my work is still for sale in my etsy shop!
• My first creative gig was assisting my artist neighbor as a mardi gras mask-maker. I caught on to the art of glue guns and sequins quickly.
• In 4th grade, I knew I had a knack for digital illustration when my teacher asked me to start giving regular demos in Kid Pix, a children's drawing program for Apple Computers in the 90s.