About pencil parade

What we do

Besides being great with flaming batons...

We provide happy and whimsical artwork to manufacturers and art directors in all markets such as bolt fabric, greeting cards, stationery, apparel (women's and kid's), gift, paper, and other surface coverings like wallpaper and home decor.


Why we do it

Full of smiles and bubbling with excitement, our parade is made up of four happy women who celebrate creativity through illustration and surface pattern design.

People love parades - the festivity, color, and whimsy draw people from all around.  We wanted our collective’s name to reflect that and we believe that our work will inspire smiles, levity, and joy.  Our aim is to make designs for products that people will love!


Who we are

Smile and wave!

We're an all-women collective, operating as individuals, and together we've created fabulous relationships (and artwork!) with many companies including Studio Oh!, Artists to Watch, Orange Coast Magazine, Design House Greetings, Michael Miller Fabrics, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Sock-it-to-me, and TJX.

Betsy Siber in Chicago, Illinois
Brooke Glaser in Portland, Oregon
Katherine Lenius in Chaska, Minnesota
Megan Dunagan in Melbourne, Florida


Follow us

Start the music and get marching to our opus!

Join us on our parade route...we'd love to have you! Whether you are a fellow artist or an Art Director or Manufacturer -- enter your email below to keep up!  You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.



Press & media

We've been featured in several online blogs, physical magazines, and popular newsletters!

If you'd like to do a feature about our collective, please download our Press Kit. It includes all the fun stuff like copy, photos of us, logos, artwork, and current show promotions.

Logos in image are copyright to their respective owners.

Logos in image are copyright to their respective owners.



Where did you meet?
Online classes!  Lilla Roger's Make Art that Sells classes, in 2015. Our personalities clicked while chatting in the private Facebook groups and thought it would be a good idea (and fun!) to join forces as a collective.

Why a collective?
Community: it's nice to bounce ideas off a close group of people when you work by yourself in your home office. Trade shows: Those things can cost a pretty penny, so splitting costs is a great way to not break the bank.  Friendship: we don't have to feel alone in this big art licensing world.

Where can I meet YOU?
Check out the events and trade shows we'll be attending for any given year.  In 2017, we attended our first trade show, Blue Print, and it was a great success!  We look forward to seeing you next year, as well. We'd love to say hi!

Do you have group meetings?
Yes!  We use Google Hangouts for formal meetings (with corsages and everything 😉) about once a month and have a private Facebook group that we are active on daily.

Can I join your collective?
We aren't looking for new members at this time; thank you for inquiring, though (we're flattered you like us!). If you want to know more about us, please visit us on Instagram -  It's our favorite social platform.

Are you an art agency?
No, we are just a group of individual artists under a collective name.

Can we feature Pencil Parade on our blog?
If you'd like to give us some press (thank you!), download the Media Kit. You'll get all the essentials like a PDF statement, artist head shots & studio photos, Pencil Parade branding, and our favorite artwork.